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Five Reasons Why Your Staging Sucks

Ultimately, the goal of staging your home is to sell it faster and to land the best offer out there. Doing it right the first time is critical to saving you time, money, and to spare yourself from more stress when it is time to sell. Unsure if you’ve done a fantastic job in staging your home?

Here are 5 reasons it may not be as good as you think it is

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1. Your perception of home staging is lighting candles and baking cookies

Staging is about preparing your home for sale to attract more buyers, maximize your home’s potential, and outshine the competition. This marketing technique is based on the knowledge of your target buyers, your location, your listing price then coupled with home design trends. It doesn’t have anything to do with lighting candles or just displaying pretty things. In fact, lighting candles are not advised because it poses safety hazards during showings.

2. You’re handing your “to do” list to your buyers

A leaking faucet, a missing door knob, or cracks on your walls are small and easily fixable things that look big to your buyers’ eye. These are important things that should be taken cared of when preparing your home for sale.  Ignoring minor repairs can send the wrong message to your buyers, it can lead to a low-ball offer, and worst, it can scare your buyers away.

3. You did not edit your furniture to the minimum

Creating that extra space and making your house look bigger than it is is important when selling. This is what your buyers are expecting to see and the best way to do it is to edit your furniture to a minimum (or less than minimum). Unnecessary furniture eats up space which is the opposite of what you want to achieve when staging your home for sale.

4. You did not depersonalize your home

Everything that’s too specific and too personal, such as family photos, religious items, diplomas, or items that show your political or sports affiliations, are great distractions for buyers. More often than not, it grabs buyer’s attention, while losing their focus on your home’s great features and all it has to offer. Chances of making a great first impression to your buyers is lost.

5. Your house isn’t cleaned, decluttered, or not organized

Nobody likes a dirty house, selling a house that has not been impeccably cleaned won’t get you the best offer. Just the same, knick-knacks, sports equipment lying everywhere, and your disorganized closets is a big NO– this screams problem to your buyers. All these can make your living space look a lot smaller than it actually is.  Every square footage counts when selling!

Red Barrinuevo | Your Toronto Home Stager

Is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional. His professional affiliations include the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the CSP. He is the recipient of numerous home staging awards and was picked as RESA’s Top Professional Stager of Canada for 2016. He has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Brokers, Investors, Real Estate Agents, and has helped homeowners showcase their homes at its best when it is time to sell.  

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