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10 Things that Can Scare Your Potential Buyers Away

Toronto Home Staging1. Dirt.  The fact is, nobody wants a dirty home.  Make sure all rooms are impeccably clean from top to bottom especially the important rooms like the  kitchen and the bathroom.

2. Odor. This is of utmost importance, if your house smells univiting from the front door, chances are, buyers are not stepping in.  Ask a friend or your neighbor to come in for their honest opinion if you’re unsure. Remember, if you can smell it, you can’t sell it!

3. Pets.  Most buyers are scared of pets. They might be the cute and cuddly companion for you, but for  buyers, pets are unpredictable creatures ready to attack! Relocate them for the time being.

4. ClutterClutter screams problem to buyers.  Home buyers are always looking for extra space, an extra closet or the extra counter space that they lack.  Ditch your clutter, get organized, and free up some space! Offer a solution to your buyer’s space problem.

5. Poor curb appeal. Impress them as soon as they step out of the car; lure them to come inside to enjoy the rest of the house, your curb appeal matters.  Your house might look spectacular and captivating inside but if it looks ran down  from the outside, buyers will just drive by and will head on to the next house.

6. Too many personal items. This is not the time to show off your true color, remove all your personal photos, and all things that shows your personal affiliations, your politics or religion.  Depersonalize and appeal to all.

7. Dated light fixtures. Get rid of the “cheap looking” and dated brass light fixture. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes or IKEA offers a wide variety of choices depending on your budget. These are inexpensive updates that makes a huge  impact to your buyers.

8. Dated wall paper and bold wall colors. When selling, neutral is the magic word. Your home should feel relaxing  and calming to your buyers.  Greet your buyers with an inviting and pleasing wall color.  Strong bold colors and dated wall papers are often a big turn-off  for buyers.

9. Misrepresenting your home. This is the biggest mistake you can do as a home seller. Make sure all the listing information are accurate especially your online listing photos. Nothing is worse than being lied to.

10. Snoopy sellers. Let your real estate agent do their magic for you, this is what they do.  Try to go somewhere else during house showings.  It is very annoying for buyers and agents alike (not to mention that it’s really awkward for you too) for sellers meddling during house showings.

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